Weird creatures from the sea

After the beaches have had an overnight beating from the storm I love to see what’s been washed up.
Whilst walking our Springer spaniel Coco I came across these beauties.I’ve always wondered what lived in these huge shells, found a good few but never anybody home! Today the beach was covered in them.As always, armed with a pocket full of “POO BAGS” I collected a good couple of kilos …. thinking if mussels and clams are good to eat these could be the “marazion abalone”???

With all the recent rough weather, everything recently that the sea has spat out has had a damn good churning about in sand, so,as we do daily with our mussels I gave them a good soaking in the kitchen sink to remove all the sand from them. After 6/7 water changes I’d managed to put much more sand down the plug than I’d expected (I see a job for another day on the horizon)… So thinking I’d done a pretty good job of cleaning them, placed them on a tray and chucked them in the steamer. Give em 5 mins seemed a reasonable guess…

They smelled amazing ( bit like Harvey’s crab factory in Newlyn) … But the whole house was full of it!! (not so popular with the misses)
Anyway, they popped open like mussels do so was feeling quietly excited.. Lunch?? Well, off with the lid, waft the steam away .. JEEEEZE !!!!!!!! Didn’t really look like I had imagined, I’ll give most things a go but, well apart from the comedy appearance, the rest was mostly sand, sand and more sand … So, what on earth are they?Surprisingly it was pretty tricky to find out.

Google searches were all a litlle vague with my input so we cast our net out to the oracle that is facebook. After much banter it turns out that they are known as ‘gapers’ a bi-valve, normally buried in mud or sand, only obtainable at low water mark or beyond. They may clean themselves if kept in clean salt water. Felt NOT worth it by our lovely fishermen friends!!!

Ahh well , think I’ll have a cheese sanger today thanks !!!