Macaroons or Macaron???

macs1Whilst researching into opening for breakfast and lunch we were racking our brains for that little something to give our lovely customers with their morning coffee.

Something sweet, tasty and different that we could make daily. After much discussion and a great deal of sampling we came up with macroons. Delicious brightly coloured mouthfuls of loveliness.

As usual, Gareth and Andy turned it into a competition of who can make the best with the nicest flavour. We’ve had lemon, Rose, pistachio and apple pie. In the interests of quality control, whats a girl to do but try them all?
There has been some debate on is the cprrect name to use. Taking our cue from Marks and Spencers it seems that the French would say Macaron as the English say Macaroon. Either either, they seem to be going down a storm!